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LILYKOITATTOOSPA A Private, Artistic Wellness Oasis. Lilykoi tattoo spa logo.
Tattoo Therapy
Skin Care Products
Energy Work

Lily Koi Tattoo Spa is a private artistic oasis located beside the Effie Theatre, 422 Tranquille Road

on the North Shore in the upstarting Arts District. Booking By Appointment ONLY

We Offer Several Services:

Tattoo Design & Application “Tattoo Therapy”

by iesza jessica with 25 years Tattoo & Design experience.


Tattoo Therapy is regular Tattoo Time; Custom Design, Application , Corrections, Cover-ups or Removals.


In our little salon, we refer to this process as "Tattoo Therapy" because having had many clients over the years, and being a collector of tattoos ourselves, we understand that sometimes spontaneous decisions about tattoos can lead to regrets. So we take our time getting to know you and what you love, what makes you smile and why you want the tattoo and discuss the best way to go about the design and application. This takes focussed attention to things that come out from a good conversation(consultation) over tea. 

It is our goal is for you to be happy in your own skin. Tattoo regret can happen. if you aren't happy with the choices made from years past, do not fret. With no commitment to jump into the chair, we can have a private consultation Either Remotely or in the Salon Lounge. to see where you're at and what can be done with what is already there, or, start fresh by eliminating or reducing the pigment with several organic treatments. 

We can offer Trusted Opinions on Options and/or Referrals if you have general tattoo questions or would like guidance on future plans with a different artist. We aim to support the AMAZING variety of artists in the area as well.

- Not ready for a tattoo ? - That’s OK! -

We are here for you 

With Lovely, Relaxing, Inspiring and Regenerative 

Day Spa / Skin Care Offerings 


"Tea Time" Consultations or Comforting Talk Time in the Lounge,  

Sometimes all we need is an unbiased ear to talk over issues (Tattoo or otherwise) without pressure to get into a chair,

or not commit to the artist on the day. Sometimes we would like to be heard without burdening friends or family, or making appointments with medical professionals. We have space and a caring, empathetic & supportive ear just for you. iesza is a trained peer counsellor SIT, HAVE TEA  and chat it out with LOVELY proper cups with cookies.

Tea Time bookings are 40$ / hour -Consultation time for tattoo design is a deposit towards Tattoo Time.

Astrology Chart Readings / Reiki Massage with Hope Sali

Hope Sali  is a level 3 Usui Reiki Master and a gentle loving soul. 

booking 10 free readings now - As of July 15 has 8 spots left. FB page is Hope's hands on healing.

​Rates based on Services, Check with Hope.

All Natural Plant Based Tattoo & Skin Care Creams & Oils. Locally Sourced & Organic 


Our creams and oil prices vary from 15$ samples to 40$ Refillable Jars.


And Lovely Gifts in our Online Shop or in our Salon. (ONLINE SHOP COMNG SOON)



Tea Time Consultations
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